High impact business coaches for high impact business leaders.


What we do

Want to get promoted? Run teams more effectively? Build out skills in areas you are lacking? Become a better mentor? Prepare your team for a big change? That’s why you need an Impact coach.

We help high-potential individuals:

  • Set objectives
  • Develop and execute on strategy
  • Make team changes and run teams more effectively
  • Polish leadership skills
  • Manage relationships and deal with organizational politics
  • Get better at proficiencies that are lacking
  • Manage time effectively
  • Hone communication strategies
  • Fine-tune business development
  • Get promoted

We help leaders:

  • Get that new position
  • Start a new position effectively
  • Fully develop their executive team
  • Help achieve their business objectives and execute against their strategy

And we help professional service firms, companies and organizations:

  • Enhance performance of high potentials
  • Increase team effectiveness
  • Strengthen company vision and industry profile
  • Increase talent retention
  • Move forward with polished leaders poised to catapult the organization to the next level
  • Improve their pipeline of diverse talent and promote more diverse people within leadership
  • Grow and develop the business

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