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Our process

Impact has a simple but effective coaching process - assessment, coaching, feedback - that can be customized. Our coaches follow a sports - not life - coaching model which has a high level of specificity - breaking down your problem or challenge and starting from the basics to help you think differently.

Assessment and Planning Coaching Evaluation

Phase 1: Assessment & planning

Our coaching relationships are grounded in solid data. We start by assessing your strengths and opportunities for development by conducting 360º interviews and personality assessments.

This helps provide a baseline from which to measure your progress. It also provides the framework for our meetings with you, during which we use specialized questioning techniques to help you develop the strategies and tactics that will achieve your goals.

Key steps

  1. You, your leader and an Impact coach meet to examine your needs and objectives
  2. Your coach gathers data (i.e assessments - The Birkman Method, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Team Management Profile, 360º interviews)
  3. Your coach presents you with a report and debriefs you
  4. You, your leader and your coach create your plan by:
    • Establishing expectations, roles and responsibilities for all parties involved
    • Setting up a regular meeting schedule
    • Determining how success will be measured

Phase 2: Coaching

Your Impact coach helps you achieve your goals by ensuring that you keep moving forward and remain accountable to your agreed-upon next steps. But it’s not a one-way street. We foster trust with you throughout the process through positive reinforcement and regular two-way feedback.

Key steps

  1. We conduct regular confidential one-on-one coaching meetings with you. (If you have engaged us for a team assignment, we also meet with the whole team)
  2. We review our meeting notes and prep a discussion on your next steps, as well as what you would like to cover in next upcoming meeting (We will want you to be as specific as possible and provide real life examples)
  3. Together, we review your progress against the development plan
  4. Impact coaches also meet with your leader to provide:
    • (With your permission) an update on your development/progress and current status of the coaching engagement
    • An update on the overall assignment (i.e. are we all on track and on schedule?)

Phase 3: Feedback

You want the best results possible. After all, it’s about your career, your team, your company. That’s why we ask for feedback regularly so that we know early on if there is an issue that we need to address.

Key steps

  1. We conduct reviews of your expectations and determine if those expectations have been met by both your Impact coach and coachee
  2. We ask the coachee about his/her overall experience with Impact
  3. We reconnect within 3-6 months following the assignment

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