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Our Published Article on CPA - Deliver Feedback That Sticks

We all know that feedback is important, but do we know why it is important? Take a look at some of these statistics from a 2014 Gallup employee engagement study:

• 98% of employees will fail to be engaged when managers give little or no feedback.

• 69% of employees said they would work harder if their efforts were better recognized.

• 58% of managers think they give enough feedback.

• 68% of employees said they want more feedback than they are currently getting.

Up until this point in our How to Coach series,...

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Posted by
Sandra Oliver on September 1, 2016

Our Published Article on CPA - Help Your People Help Themselves

Would you believe me if I told you that great coaching can take place in under five minutes? This is not to diminish the powerful effect that mentoring and coaching programs have on maximizing high potential development, nor is it to assume that individuals with challenging and complex development needs don’t require a more long-term coaching commitment. But this article is not about that. This article is about how you as a manager can incorporate more coaching into your daily work; into the work you are already doing to support the development of your people and your...

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Posted by
Sandra Oliver on September 1, 2016

Our Published Article on CPA - Setting the Foundation for a Successful Coaching Relationship

I recently asked a coaching client whether or not their coach helped grow their business. Their answer surprised me a little. “No, I grew my business” they replied matter-of-factly. After further reflection and discussion with the client, I soon realized that this was the work of a great coach. When an individual can appreciate the help of a coach (whether a professional coach, manager, or mentor) but inherently believes that they have changed in a way that makes their actions more effective, that’s when a coach has truly succeeded. So what does it take to...

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Posted by
Sandra Oliver on June 8, 2016

Our Published Article on Leading Change - Part 4: Sustaining Change: The Key to Long-Term Success

The most recent Change and Communication ROI survey indicated that while employers felt 55% of change management initiatives met initial objectives, only 25% felt that gains were sustained over time. How do we improve these odds and bring about positive, long-lasting organizational change?

This is the final article in our series of four articles on change leadership. Previously, I have discussed why it is important we get change right and highlighted two key success factors: building the right team and engaging that team through effective communication. In this article, I will discuss the final component for successful change: sustaining...

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Posted by
Sandra Oliver on April 4, 2016

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