High impact business coaches for high impact business leaders.


Meet the Impact coaches

The secret to our success lies in the quality of the coaches we have attracted – business people with industry specialization. Ambassadors of our brand, our committed team members at Impact are passionate about what they do. And that’s all about providing exceptional service to you.

It’s what you get from each and every one of our coaches that makes us stand out. We build a relationship with you. And that’s important because it helps you achieve your next level faster…and stronger. We make sure you’ll be at your absolute best. This white glove treatment extends to our coaches too, who meet regularly and brainstorm to help each other deliver our clients the best the profession has to offer.



Sandra Oliver, Founder

  • Working with senior leaders (CEO, Practice Leaders)
  • Helping women leaders break through the ‘glass ceiling’
  • On-boarding new leaders - accelerating integration and productivity

Jennifer Campbell

  • Helping leaders develop business strategy and implement change initiatives
  • Helping leaders assess their practices and take action
  • Helping women reintegrate after maternity leave

Mari-Lynn Misener

  • Helping entrepreneurs build and grow their business
  • Helping women break through the “glass ceiling”
  • Coaching on business growth

Sophie Tanguay

  • Working with developing leaders
  • Working with developing managers
  • Helping people manage career changes
  • Helping leaders balance work-life commitments



Carl Boehr

  • Working with senior leaders (CEO, Practice Leaders)
  • Helping leaders turn around struggling practices
  • Helping leaders focus the business and achieve execution

Tony Swiderski

  • Developing high potential leaders
  • Working with young leaders



Johanne Allaire

  • Coaching on diversity issues
  • Developing business development strategies
  • Working with leaders on sales strategies
  • Coaching on business growth

Alison Cunningham

  • Working with developing leaders
  • Helping leaders balance work-life commitments
  • On-boarding new leaders – accelerating integration and productivity
  • Team building and effectiveness

Impact home team

Morna Lee

Morna Lee

Client Services Specialist

Allison Roberts

Allison Roberts

Coaching and Assessment Specialist

Rowena Escobar

Rowena Escobar

Office Services Specialist

Olivia Roth

Olivia Roth

Content and Project Specialist

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