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Executive coaching is a way to leverage the strengths of high potentials, leaders and/or their teams. Unlike mentoring, coaching is very hands on; an Impact executive coach helps set and achieve objectives, just like a sports coach.
We specialize in delivering leadership and team development in the form of assessments, individual coaching, and group and team coaching. Our job is to make you successful.

Services include:
  • Tailored individual coaching for all levels of staff, up to and including c-suite executives executive level
  • Team coaching for leadership teams and project teams
  • Peer group coaching for high potentials, women leaders and for business developers
  • Talent development and mentor support programs for high potentials
  • Speaking engagements on coaching, personal effectiveness, team effectiveness, leadership
  • Personal assessments (psychological testing, 360º assessments)
We match our clients with an Impact coach based on coaching specialty, industry specialization and location, and to ensure there will be a personal fit. There is no obligation for you when meeting a coach for the first time and we encourage a meeting as a starting point. That coach can assess your needs and then design a coaching package specific to you and your budget. No work is started until a budget and plan are approved.
Even though we work hard to ensure a great match, we understand that sometimes the fit between the Impact coach and client is not quite right. We have a team at our home office to assist you anytime if you have a problem. If you have a question or concern about your coach, you can speak to us. We will ensure all concerns are met and that you have the perfect coach for you.
With your approval, engagements are typically shared among three parties: you, your Impact coach and your business leader. We work to ensure that all three parties involved are clear on the coaching objectives and actively work as a team to achieve those objectives. Confidentiality is absolutely respected. We inquire with you to confirm what will be shared.
No, we are business coaches, not life coaches or psychologists. We focus our work on your specific business objectives and we stay focused on those objectives. We are business educated, have broad-ranging credentials and specialize in several industries.
We choose the right coaches for you and each coach follows our Impact model. We know our model works based on client feedback. Their satisfaction ratings are high, they are happy with our services, and they successfully achieve their objectives. We also continually develop our coaches by giving them challenging assignments, and supporting them with training and technical writing. Our coaches maintain the highest level of service and professionalism. They always devote sufficient time and energy to fully undertake an engagement to ensure that you meet your objectives. In addition, all engagements are managed by our Client Services Specialist and Coaching Specialist who ensure you are satisfied by regularly seeking feedback.
Over 85% of our clients are highly satisfied with our work and would recommend us to others. We know this because we ask each and every client for independent feedback. To maintain this high rate, we obtain feedback continuously and work to build and deepen our expertise and client relationships.
The price depends upon the following: the complexity of the engagement, coaching objectives/requirements, duration, level of the client and location. We can customize a package to fit most budgets. We can assure you that you will never be surprised by a bill. All work is agreed to upfront and billing is clear.
Engagements are typically 6 to 12 months but we have no standard recommended minimum or maximum. It depends on your needs. Some assignments may last only a few meetings if the objective is very specific and easy to address. We will assess your situation and provide our expert recommendation on the length of contract and number of sessions that best suit your needs.
Our coaching is primarily delivered face-to-face or by telephone. We email follow up notes and reading materials to support your learning. We also use Skype or other internet-based conferencing technology if that best suits your needs.
We pride ourselves on our roster and selection process for coaches. At Impact, our coaches are given the opportunity for challenging work that not only drives personal growth, but is also financially rewarding.

We look for:
  • A team player – likes to collaborate with others, work on team projects, and contribute to driving success for the organization – ours and our client’s.
  • Passion for coaching – eager to work with clients on their goals and objectives and a willingness to learn and follow Impact’s coaching model and brand.
  • Personal drive – interest in building a practice and fully developing a client group.
  • Service excellence – communicates effectively in a professional manner and demonstrates honesty, integrity, and respect while going above and beyond for our client.
  • Qualifications – variety of prior work experiences in a business environment, preferably in professional service firms. Graduate degree, coaching accreditation, HR experience, and assessment certifications are assets. Degree is required.
  • Loyalty and commitment – environment built on trust. We invest a great deal in our clients and coachees.
  • We look for business people who are natural coaches, who are interested in developing their coaching practice with our support, and who want to be part of a team of excellent coaches.
  • Quality assignments
  • Administrative support
  • Training and technical sessions
  • Sounding board and support on difficult assignments
  • Social media support
We follow the International Coaching Federation (ICF) standard of ethical conduct, whereby all our coaches:
  • Conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively upon the coaching profession;
  • Are respectful of different approaches to coaching;
  • Recognize that they are also bound by applicable laws and regulations.
All coaching conversations are fully confidential. Most coaching assignments include updates with leaders. These updates are planned with the coachees’ full knowledge and involvement. Only coaching themes and overall progress are discussed. The coachee can choose to be in these meetings.
Transparency - Clients and coaches will always know where they stand. There will be no surprises. We will do what we say we will do.

Effectiveness - We will work in an efficient and focused way helping people achieve their goals. We turn down work when we don’t feel we can be successful.

Trust - We are confidential, reliable and open to feedback from our clients and between ourselves. We are a team.

Service Excellence - We follow up incredibly fast. We are polite. We make it easy for people to work with us. We go above and beyond.

Quality - We follow a tried and true process. We exceed expectations and deliver results. We consistently ask for and act on feedback.

Competence - We take our chosen profession seriously and develop our coaching skills continually.

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